British Experimental Rocket Group (BERG) – BERG 8

British Experimental Rocket Group (BERG) – BERG 8

British Experimental Rocket Group (BERG)

“BERG 8”

Min 71-8 Takes 4, 11 and unnumbered
Mod 8c XP

Three years after BERG 7, The Committee For Sonic Research are pleased to present another volume of archival recordings from the British Experimental Rocket Group.

It would have been naive to assume that the global Covid pandemic and subsequent geopolitical and socio-economic events would not have impacted on the BERG audio publication project. As a noted physicist once said, “When b + b/1+b2 < = 1{5r9} You’re bound to have delays.”

Over the past year, individuals have continued to contact the Committee offices with hard media or potential sources or leads where BERG material from the various research branches were once located. We thank everyone who has contributed material that has been incorporated into this latest edition. Much has been kindly donated from private collections whilst other finds have been acquired via more clandestine methods and so we have agreed to protect the anonymity of these donors. Of particular note however, we must thank and acknowledge the meticulous investigative work of staff from a research establishment near Oppdal who’s work authenticating BERG recordings has been critical to the project.

The recordings within this latest collection represent a pivotal moment in the BERG story representing as they do, a sizeable collection of sonic experiments we believe to be associated with the long abandoned ‘Project Echo-Hammer’ which, post schism, was sadly developed for military applications. Much controversy exists today about the alleged consequences of the testing that took place at a purported remote arctic research facility, but we feel that the inclusion of a sample of these recordings which have been rendered safe for human hearing ranges, is justified for it’s historic significance and will be of interest to the casual listener as well as those engaged in serious academic research.

With more material yet to be assessed, cleaned and compiled, we expect that there will be more fascinating BERG releases to come in this series.
released April 1, 2023

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