Michael Tee – Segment 4

Michael Tee – Segment 4

Michael Tee

“Segment 4”

I made this for my partner Cheralyn, in my shed. Quiet music and sonic incense to assist falling asleep and turn off the infernal internal dialogue. There are no surprises. It also works as a colour in the room whilst working in the home office. It’s like looking at something that doesn’t exist.

Built using Generative Music app ‘Trope’ to create evolving loops. With a little post-production, real time synths and fuzzy imbrication.

Warning, do not play this loud. It was designed to play on repeat with the volume so low you can just about hear it. It sounds like crap played loud, too woolly … or if you want it loud play it through a distortion pedal etc. and send me back a copy of your recording [michaeltee11@gmail.com] and I will listen to it as I pay homage to the ‘cult of meditation, feedback and distortion’ complete with a human sacrifice / blood eagle.

According to wikipedia, new research suggests that the ability to tear out a person’s lungs through their back is anatomically possible. Please don’t do blood eagles at home, leave it to the experts, or risk not getting your rental bond back.

Originally released on Bandcamp on March 26, 2022

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