Wanda & Nova deViator – ARP 339

Wanda & Nova deViator – ARP 339

Wanda & Nova deViator

ARP 339

With Escherian devotion to infinity, the electro-punk music charge of Wanda and Nova deViator subtly flows from cool cosmic cyberfuturism to heated dance-floor fever. Drawing on a variety of genre offshoots, Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič use repetition to seamlessly develop the heritage of polyrhythm and deep bass tremors from domestic intimacy into an all-encompassing atmosphere. Their sonic habitat reflects existing social structures with technological precision, throwing a harsh light on flaws without fetishizing criticism. The world they weave from fragments of universality via sizzling electronic impulses and hypnotic vocal expression would likely be described as science fiction three decades ago – but today it is uncomfortable to think how accurately it reflects our own reality.

Building on the foundation established by their praised debut Pacification (Kamizdat, 2013), the diverse artists complement and upgrade the sounds of their upcoming new record with a live performance that reconceptualises their musical hybrid within the framework of intermedia and dance arts. Sensuality meets anger, passion cavorts intellectually with rebellion, yet at the same time, without endangering their own principles, the duo successfully follows the unwritten rule – this kind of music simply has to catch one’s ear willingly, sink in and touch the listener.

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