Yoshiwaku – Remembering The Comet

Yoshiwaku – Remembering The Comet


“Remembering The Comet”

The Necrophile Hummingbird netlabel presents Remembering The Comet by Yoshiwaku.
“Minimal Music for Serial Listeners”
This is the third part of the trilogy “Under the ground, inside the flesh & over the sky” including, in second Häxan Cult and in first Music To Burst In Tears. The tracks are really at the frontier between CorteX and Yoshiwaku.
Because I’m really fan of Terry Riley’s Serial Music the first 3 tracks are a blink eye to is “A Rainbow in Curved Air” album, but the music is not that much sounding like serialism, more the usual hypnotic improvised music I do.

Recorded between April and May 2023 at the Cave Haven In Foucherans.

Dedicated to all those who release free their dreams.

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