The Venusian – Cassiopea

The Venusian – Cassiopea

The Venusian


In a quaint village nestled ‘neath the night’s embrace,
Where stars adorn the sky with celestial grace,
Cassiopeia’s queen, luminescent and bright,
Guides the way with her radiant light.

In the stillness of eve, a symphony unfolds,
Field recordings of nature, stories untold.
Whispers of wind through the towering trees,
Chorus of crickets, nature’s melodies.

The village sleeps, tranquil and serene,
As moonlight dances on meadows so green.
The night sky, a canvas painted with care,
Nature’s masterpiece, a vision so rare.

Embrace the serenity, let your spirit unfurl,
In this village where nature’s wonders swirl.
Beneath Cassiopeia’s gentle gaze, we find,
A haven of peace, a solace of mind.

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