Yoshiwaku – Music To Burst In Tears

Yoshiwaku – Music To Burst In Tears


“Music To Burst In Tears”

The Necrophile Hummingbird netlabel presents Music To Burst In Tears by Yoshiwaku.

“PsychoActive Music For Experimental People”

I was digging in my hard drive then I found this track of incredibly sad music. If there was a contest like in Guy Maddin’s “The saddest music in the world” perhaps I should submit this track. To be clear, when you listen it there is something inside which grab your soul, and it’s nearly impossible to listen the whole without to burst in tears. Maybe if you have too much high expectations it will not work as well as with me, feeling like digging my own grave and it will sound more for you like a busker asking for a silver penny ? But you can believe me that if there is real ASMR music, that’s this really special kind of psycho-active music.

Thus, the artwork is mainly this equation (money+oil=world’s end) I don’t know from where come this sadness, but this could be the origin. Or more generally that despite we know the reason most of the time we are unable to avoid any cataclysm, instead it’s like we try to dive further into. This time in france it seems a lot of people realized this, because nearly all are struggling to get rid of a dictator apprentice, and would change this archaic system into something more accurate to the present time needs. I hope we will able to do this revolution and stick all together till find new ways to live and then to save the world of the climate disaster.

Last but not least, this is the first part of the trilogy “Under the ground, inside the flesh & over the sky” including, in second Häxan Cult and in third Remembering The Comet. And this episode more than the others is very close of CorteX project so if you want find something really nearby try “Undone Ceremony”.

Dedicated to those who know how to mend the broken hopes with gold.

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