Dominik Vogel – A Strange Loop around the Planet

Dominik Vogel – A Strange Loop around the Planet
[Wuerfel 38]

Dominik Vogel

“A Strange Loop around the Planet”

The title of the album and the titles of the individual tracks already suggest it: It’s about futuristic soundscapes, strange seeming sounds, but also loops and here and there beats. Dominik Vogel operates with his modular system once again at the intersection of techno, IDM, ambient and sound art. All of this, as it were, at the open heart, because everything is as always recorded live in one pass and only minimally post-processed.

If you’ve ever had the thought that Dominik Vogel looks like the commander of a spaceship on his equipment, you’re welcome to fully embrace that notion here. Two young test listeners commented on the album independently of each other with the words: “Sounds like being in a spaceship” and “Sounds like being in a science fiction movie”. Asked about this, Dominik responds with: “You could say the album is the soundtrack to a movie which is shot from a spaceship :)”.

So if you like, you can rhyme together your own sci-fi story in the combination of the talking titles and the music. Of course, the inclined listeners can also just dive into these sound worlds, let themselves be carried away and feel inside, what associations the heard arouses in you. There is a lot to discover here and it is worthwhile to let the album work on you in a moment of rest.

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