Virtually J – Reworks

Virtually J – Reworks

Virtually J


Long time ago, in the relatively small Black Sea coastal city of Varna, Julian Kalchev a.k.a. Virtually J became a kind of local pioneer and an inspiration for a whole generation, being the first to explore ways to compose and produce electronic music programmed, edited, played on a PC. He’s been important part of the scene since then, contributing, for example, to the essential VA series “Kokaku” on Jisatsuken. We were really excited to release on Mahorka his latest album “Autocracy Mage” in February 2021.

In the vein of the never skipped tradition of preparing and releasing a really special collaborative Mahorka album for Netlabel Day each year (e.g. Fire to the Stars, Captive Portal, krāllār, Teeth of Divine, Tomoroh Hidari, Electrohollyc & MO. reworks albums, the “Music for Elevators vol. 5” VA compilation and a 4T Thieves remixes album), we are more than happy to announce 2023’s release “Virtually J – Reworks”, including new versions of tracks off “Autocracy Mage” (from Toxic Derwish, LR Friberg, Hypnos, Captive Portal, SpaceCherry, 4T Thieves, Asshole Galaxy (Abdicant and Weldroid), Brainquake, Obhod, Fluffy Inside (a.k.a. Pandacetamol), Mas&Delayer, and Julian Kalchev himself in the Autocracy Mage Remix of “Nazka”) and one unreleased original track and an un released Autonomaton remix.

Artwork by MO.Design (Momchil Papaschikov)

Released for Netlabel Day 2023

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