LjdB – Belmez

LjdB – Belmez



Ten new trips to the future by LjdB with artwork by the infamous D.
Track one is inspired by the Belmez Faces in Spain, very intriguing stuff,look it up

Track 2 is inspired by the lovely D and Puzi-Cat

Track 3 is a Birthdaygift For the lovely Bria

Track 4 is just broken in many ways

Track 5 Is dedicated and inspired by the lovely Erin

Track 6 is dedicated to Peevee Herman and the title is just a play on words,nothing more

Track 7 Is about the rollercoaster at Bakken amusement park

Track 8 is dedicated to my friends Benjamin and Mille i met in the park at night

Track 9 is Disco but in reverse

Track 10 is Dedicated to Benjamin and Mille’s cute kitten Gumi

That about covers it <3

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