[YESNO 107]



Jamadevi is a meditative composition consisting of 6 tracks produced by Myanmar sound designer, Lynn Nandar Htoo unmasking the brutality of the political event that happened in 2021 in Myanmar through her sentiments of sound designing & storytelling. Lynn Nandar Htoo’s EP explores minimalistic tones overlapping syncopated Myanmar traditional percussions that creates a hypnotic effect – slowly transitioning into dronelike territory synchronized by subtle noises & glitches. Fascinated with traditional tunings and compositions that resembles her Myanmar cultural traditions, Lynn Nandar Htoo integrates the rhythmic essence of Nat Pwel, a ritual that is led by a queer character into haunting ambience depicting the alienation that many has felt since the condemned political event. Jamadevi is an enigmatic piece of electronic music work that yearns to form dialogues of displacement between sound & the effects of politics through her intricate compositions.

Lynn Nandar Htoo is a sound designer, composer & music producer based in Yangon, Myanmar accomplished in both the realm of filmmaking & electronic music. She explores Southeast Asian tuning systems and scales through modern music technologies and was chosen to be part of South East Asia’s music research development by Nusasonic & »Listening to the World – 100 Years of Radio«, an initiative of Goethe Institute.

Produced, written, and mixed by Lynn Nandar Htoo in Yangon, Myanmar
Masterd by Vandy Rizaldi in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Cover artwork by Lynn Nandar Htoo and rEmPiT g0dDe$$
Released by Yes No Wave Music

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