Abu Ama + Bedouin Drone – Dawlat Lībiyyā

Abu Ama + Bedouin Drone – Dawlat Lībiyyā

Abu Ama + Bedouin Drone

“Dawlat Lībiyyā”

An outstanding collaboration between two artist friends Abu Ama and BedouinDrone who are both renowned for their previous solo releases and collaborations on Mahorka (Abu Ama: “Totem” double cassette, BedouinDrone: “The Border” cassette, “Abandoned Villages” digital, “Taliban” with Runi Graph, “Tipping Point” cassette as Pedro Maras, and their collaboration project shabaH: “1” cassette) and elsewhere.

A very special album that just deserved some very special release edition. The occasion for another Mahorka dream to come true. Yes, it is a pro-pressed 12″ LP with outstanding design courtesy of Brett Tassenon and Angel Draganov.

Released October 14, 2023 as free (cc) digital download and limited (300) pro-pressed 12″ vinyl edition.

The vinyl contains tracks 1-6 of the digital release. The digital release contains one bonus track (7).

Calligraphy art by Brett Tassenon
Cover artwork design by Angel Draganov

“Thanks to Ivo Petrov and the Mahorka crew”

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