Julian Winter – Home

Julian Winter – Home

Julian Winter


Julian Winter’s latest 5 track EP “Home” is a combination of autobiographical tracks, describing his short journey through Europe in the fall of 2018. Each city is portrayed by a flavor of its ambient sounds combined with Julian’s musical interpretation of the untangleable combination of a city’s impression and his own mind state at the given time.

Each track manages to translate a strong emotional impression, ranging from nostalgic up to a dramatic sense of being overcome by one’s own existence. This wild diversity of feelings enables “Home” to grab your attention, and pull you into the composer’s brain in order to get a clear view from his perspective, to take you along on his journey.

On a musical level, the depiction is realized by laid back guitar melodies and piano parts, which are accompanied by Julians trademark rhythmic variations using real percussion instruments. His use of post production and editing manages to give “Home” an extremely organic and up to date feel, thus making it qualify as a worthy successor to all of his previous work.

All tracks written, performed and produced by Julian Winter, except for “Paris”, which was written by a female member of Anonymous.

Mixed by Gerrit Elbrink.

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