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The Necrophile Hummingbird presents … by ardleg

“Standby Music for Post Millenarians”

Will this collection of miniatures end up as telephone ringtones or data to feed Artificial inteIligences ?
This new record, prophetic in more than one way, seems to announce the end of transmissions. The particularity of a musical continuum is that through the force of repetition we imagine that it will always be there. But the best things must come to an end. Or rather the ending makes them better. Is the end always the beginning? Is this just a break? Who knows if there will be one after 2023 for this netlabel ? In theory yes, but… what characterizes the Necrophile Hummingbird is that it is a singularity, which should never have existed and which from the first moment threatened to disappear. And this every day for years.

With synthesizers and samplers, next with computer-assisted music, technology has had a Promethean role in liberating music from the old narrow shackles that Edgar Varese already denounced. Today in music and video the disruption of AI has almost the opposite effect for the moment, because what was offered to everyone thanks to freeware, is now only accessible in the form of a paid subscription. Which is paradoxical to say the least given that these companies do not have to pay to draw on the internet the works necessary for deep learning. And given the resources that the operation of an AI requires, there is little chance that free solutions will appear before the diffusion of quantum computers. In an increasingly unequal world, whoever lives will see, whoever hacks will survive.

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