GOZNE – La Odisea de Poseidón

GOZNE – La Odisea de Poseidón


“La Odisea de Poseidón”

“I stood gazing into the night. I knew that we were being stalked by ships of the Imperial Japanese Fleet. We had been trying to hunt them down all day. Enemy planes were flying over our heads, and the islands around us were full of their soldiers. Next to me, on the small bridge, was Lieutenant Kennedy. A boy of twenty-six who looked several years younger. Suddenly, a flash of lightning illuminated the night. It was a Japanese destroyer bearing down on us. Sound the alarm! Kennedy shouted to me. I ran two steps and sounded the alarm… but the destroyer slammed into our ship, splitting it in two. Kennedy fell backwards and I fell with him…. (T. Sartoris, RUMBOS Magazine, 1961).”

The above story, starring radio operator John Maguire and Lieutenant Kennedy, during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 by the Imperial Japanese Navy, presents us with dangers and risks on the high seas caused by the hand of man of war, who does not consider the sea, which can be even more accurate, objective and harmful, without being at war with man. The four tracks of the album La Odisea de Poseidón, are a musical account of some of the most inhospitable places where the sea shows its claw to the ships and their crews. I personally know the Golfo de Penas and the Drake Sea, I have crossed them on more than one occasion. Sometimes it seemed that the sea hated us, or that we were fighting a battle with it, or simply playing. GOZNE’s music could transport me to those moments with every sound and atmosphere. Here is the grinding of the iron bars, wind and sea leading the baton. Poseidon, Greek deity of the seas, seems to sing the lowest tones of the orchestration and his retinue does his thing to put the most technologically gifted vessel and the most experienced crew in trouble. An odyssey indeed, and nothing less than the Odyssey of Poseidon.

Guillermo Yáñez Yáñez, Retired Warrant Officer, Chilean Navy.

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