Various Artist – SOMETHING DEMO

Various Artist – SOMETHING DEMO

Various Artist


The Necrophile Humingbird Netlabel presents SOMETHING DEMO by REfugEEs From Beyond X PIRATE Tapes

“Spontaneous Music for Free Dreamers”

Split album between PIRATE Tapes & REfugEEs From Beyond live improvisation recorded the 12th February 2023 at the Cave Haven in Foucherans.

Members :
Master of Ceremony : Psyché Pelik
Guitar Hero : Studio112
Disc Jockey : Yoshiwaku Mushotoku

A SIDE Something is Growing in the Garden by PIRATE Tapes
01. Let’s be moths !
02. Lost In The Furry Foam

B SIDE Something is Dying in the Garden by REfugEEs From Beyond
03. A Handful of White Peebles
04. Black Waltz of The Unborn

Artwork paint by Alizé.

It could be dedicated to those who prefer each time they can to play their music alive together instead of being stuck behind a screen. I mean it’s like for children, it should be obvious to do not control them and to let them free to find their own ways because it’s one of the better ways to help them love life. To be clear if you have children let them come play music with you if they want, this world is so much under control, that it’s vital to help them feel how it’s good to feel free. After all the most important things in education next to love is to let them follow their dreams free. So :
Dedicated to the children who are not afraid by the dark fairy tales ?

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