sternenspringer – 2022

sternenspringer – 2022



“2022”, the latest album from sternenspringer, marks the 20th anniversary of this multi-talented duo, a milestone that not only commemorates their past achievements, but also anticipates the future directions of their musical exploration.

but it is also a reflective endeavour in which gerd and jürgen present the essence of their artistic partnership and explore the dynamics that have defined their creative process over the years. “2022” is a testament to the duo’s ability to fuse their distinctive influences into a harmonious and compelling listening experience. and it documents their journey through the changes of the past two decades.

the year 2022 is representative of all the challenges and achievements they and we have gone through. this year serves as a canvas that encapsulates moments of turbulence and triumph both on a global scale and in everyone’s personal lives, inviting the listeners to immerse themselves in this narrative that is as introspective as it is expansive.

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