Luís Antero – Live (​@​Go Romaria Cultural’23)

Luís Antero – Live (​@​Go Romaria Cultural'23)

Luís Antero

“Live (​@​Go Romaria Cultural’23)”

The new Portuguese Giacometti is back at MiMi Records.

This time Luís Antero brings us the result of the Concerto para Olhos Vendados (Concert for Blindfolded Eyes), which began with a sound recording workshop and attentive and amplified listening, which took place in the last edition of Go Romaria Cultural, in Gouveia.

In this “live” album, Luís Antero reorganized the pieces and sound recordings used in the concert, and also added other recordings from the workshop.

A highly sensorial album, ideal for fans of field recording.

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