Gotasuro – Circus Of Slaughter

Gotasuro – Circus Of Slaughter


“Circus Of Slaughter”

“A “Hip Hop” album for stupid people”

This is the tale of Gotasuro, son of The Great Milenko. Motivated by the emptiness in his soul, and his need for validation, he embarks on a journey to become a juggalo superstar. Under the guise of straying jugs from a righteous path, he convinces his father to give him a physical body, and thrusts him into the human realm, along with the perpetual “devil on your shoulder” Hyde. Now armed with the “clown pod”, he begins writing some of the most bizarre and nonsensical lyrics that would make professional absurdists blush. Will he win his bet with his father? Or will G be another drop in the sea of shitty rappers who die in obscurity?

You decide.

Read what critics are saying:

“A fantastic Disney film for all ages!”
~ NY Times

“The lyrics were crafted by an intellectually *ENABLED person for sure.”

~ 2pac’s Hologram

“KODIAK Black makes more sense THEN you!”

~ Reddit Dipshit on r/juggalos

“Ain’t it f*ked up when it’s all for nothing?”

~ Ouija Macc

“I’d f*ck Ice Cube”

~ Violent J

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