Dental Drill Slips – Plays Away

Dental Drill Slips – Plays Away

Dental Drill Slips

“Plays Away”

Dental Drill is autistic and so not big on collaborations. However over the years he has cropped up on a few compilations on other labels, sometimes as part of tourmaline hum. We are taking the 10th anniversary of TCFSR on Bandcamp as an opportunity to pull these tracks together to make a complete set of the work of Dental Drill available on the label that he oversees.Many of DDs ‘away’ tracks are from the early days of the Naviar Records Haiku Music Challenge.
The Naviar Haiku is music inspired by a weekly assigned Haiku poem. It is also ten years old this year and is well past the 500th iteration. Dental Drill contributed to five of the first twelve Haiku, and number 131.
Just Around The Bend appears on the first compilation of Naviar Haiku and Tilt is on the second compilation

In 2015 Dental Drill teamed up with Trixie Delight to create the track Urball for the compilation Ursonate on the Institute For Alien Research label. As the title of the album suggests the goal was to create a work of musique concr​è​te inspired by the sound poem Ursonate by Kurt Schwitters.

Fantastique Plastique [Drillmix] is a collage of a work of the same name by Roofhare that appeared on the album of the same name released on the Mobius Spin label.

In 2020 dog park invited artists from across the world to create their own track using Furchick’s raw recording of making pancakes in her kitchen. Two and a bit kitchens is Dental Drill’s contribution

In the days before TCFSR launched on Bandcamp tourmaline hum created the track Strange Appetites for The Sound of FAG ASH Volume three released by FAG ASH Records.

Some artists from Burnt Seed Records contributed to the TCFSR Solo Word Project compilation EPOCH released in January 2024. In the same month the track 9224 by Dental Drill appeared on volume 3 of Burnt Seed’s annual showcase ‘Sprouted’.

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