Delight Lab – Horizontes en Fuga

Delight Lab – Horizontes en Fuga

Delight Lab

“Horizontes en Fuga”

Parallel worlds, unsuspected and also longed for within this often amorphous reality.
Near and new sounds… rhythm and longing.
Solid ground and the universe.
A human journey.
Infinite images, questions and answers that multiply.
Love and humor beyond this life.

Ángela Acuña (@musicadeangela)
(Santiago, Chile. Julio / July 2024)

“Horizontes en Fuga” (Horizons in Flight) is an album extracted from the audiovisual project of the same name by the Delight Lab collective, in collaboration with Marco Martínez and Chris Manhey, who manage the immersive audio devices.

The album is a true space-time journey, utilizing diverse sonorities that merge into an inseparable whole. It blends sonic textures ranging from the earthy and abyssal—using the low frequencies of idiophones like gongs from traditional Asian music, along with the euphonic, another metallophone linked to experimental electroacoustic music that occupies the sonic space— and with digitally processed human voices that evoke a sense of ancestral ritual translated into the futuristic language of electronic bits and music concreté. Melodic elements and tempered harmony are also present in timbres generated by synthesizers.

All of this creates an infinite sum of harmonics covering the entire audible frequency spectrum in a web of suggestive vibrations that provoke synesthetic sensations where the auditory evokes the visual. Beyond the fact that the group works in both perceptual realms within an immersive audiovisual project, the album alone bridges both universes through the sense of hearing, complemented by tactile sensations, as frequencies penetrate the entire body, engaging each cell in the experience.

The combination of sounds and textures from such diverse sources gives it a timeless and universal quality, where the past, present, and future converge, similar to how starlight from a remote past reaches our current experience, somehow signaling the future.

The sonic timbres overlap transiently and gradually, giving the sensation of moving through an ever-evolving and transfiguring acoustic landscape. This evokes a sense of journey through an infinite geography of stimuli suggesting mystery, trance, ritual, magic, and the transcendental nature of human existence.

Cuti Aste (@cuti_aste)
(Santiago, Chile. Julio / July 2024)

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