AA/VV – Ephebeat Vol 3



“Ephebeat Vol 3”

Noisybeat+Ephedrina =
AAVV – Ephebeat Vol 3 [EPH074+NYB051]
AAVV -Noisydrina Vol 4 [EPH075+NYB052]


Various Artists – Elephant Bass vol.1 & 2

[EBAVA01] & [EBAVA02]

Various Artists

“Elephant Bass vol.1 & 2”

What better way to start a web sound lab “Elephant Bass”, where the passion and love for the good vibes is the only constant assured, with a selection of the many songs received in recent months by members of the homonymous group on facebook. The result that comes out are 2 volumes with a thin imaginary dividing line between music and sound dubplate style and melodies that are directed to explore experimental sounds. Featuring Dubsalon, Phoniandflore, Injham, Dr.Dubious, No Finger Nails, Ncomfortable, Sin, Mexican stepper, Dziga, A Man called Pj, Yayoland, Du3normal, Sensi T, Etrurian electronics, Dub.versif, Maïs, Recyclesound, U.stone.

D-Noise – Leaves Are Falling



“Leaves Are Falling”

02-Leaves Are Falling(3:59)

Marino69 – Intergalactic




Welcome aboard, buckle up and put your headfones on your ears. Spaceship Melodica Netlabel is ready to fly. Our target is intergalactic sound filled with a lot of melodic areas and mysterious mood. Please sit back and enjoy the ride!

Andypop – Galactic ep

[Noisybeat 050]


“Galactic ep”

Andypop – Galactic ep
[Noisybeat 050]
Bass Music

Frictional Transmission / If I Had A Hi Fi – Deep Data


Frictional Transmission / If I Had A Hi Fi

“Deep Data”

Deep data rescued from the prodigious minds of these artists, mixing strength with softness and warmth to reach this fantastic e.p with 6 original tracks and two remixes.

Different concepts together to provide sensations to all listeners, another way to love music, to find the sound … this is our goal.

Mastering by Billy Niko and Vtr.

Ohmniscience – Brainwaves EP



“Brainwaves EP”

A new guest artist for #335 hailing from Vancouver. Ohmniscience likes to describe her music as an art form, appealing to the inner senses within your mind.

A short but sweet EP, Brainwaves, is 5 tracks of blissful textures and glitchy beats, epic pads and subtle sounds. Nicely produced from the ground up, Brainwaves gives you a ride into the more Autechre side of the IDM spectrum – perhaps with a little Arovane mixed in for good measure?

Check out ‘Beta’ for an epic experience – cold, dark and suspenseful.

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D_smoker – Urban soul ep



“Urban soul ep”

D_Smoker – Urban soul ep

1. Urban soul (Original Mix)
2. Tomorrow (Original Mix)
3. Wormhole (Original Mix)
4. Wormhole (Bist Remix)
5. Wormhole (Outlaw producer remix)

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Roots Echo – Hidden Structures EP


Roots Echo

“Hidden Structures EP”

VKRS Radio and Netlabel are pleased to present from the Netherlands the Arist “ Roots Echo ” with his first release on the VKRS Netlabel.
Roots Echo loves to blend sounds and styles as he sees fit with influences ranging from novel sounds online to the harmony and drive of classic and contemporary modern styles. Roots Echo Hidden Structures EP release on the VKRS Netlabel is a slight slap on the wrist for the popularity od dubstep and trap indeed as Roots Echo states “ The less tasty sounds become, the more people devour it … ”
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Killeralien – Natural ep

[NYB/EXT 002]


“Natural ep”

Natural EP

1. Natural (Original Mix)
2. Silk (Original Mix)
3. Slim (Original Mix)
4. Natural (Bist Remix)

All tracks produced and composed by Killeralien

Noisybeat netlabel Extended

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JAHPAWA – Meditation dub



“Meditation dub”

Dubstep Release in Free download from a new label
Bass Philosophy RecJahpawa – Meditation Dub

jankenpopp – zombie media



“zombie media”

Zombie Media is a 4 titles EP that speaks of Google, LOL cats and of up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-BA. Compositions on LSDJ (the famous Game Boy tracker), nuts breakcore that are actually melodies worthy to the best video games of the early 90’s (japanese trend). Jakenpopp gives us an EP super dancefloor and exclusively of great hits.

This guy remains true to himself and these four titles are the perfect example of a pop culture that shows us that in the year 2013 the geeks are cool, that can be really fun, handsome and that you can also make your performance in bathing suit.

Mixed and mastered by Jean-Christophe Andréoni at Micro Studio. Cover by Jankenpopp.

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Le Perche Oreille – Contes Et Histoires Grésillantes


Le Perche Oreille

“Contes Et Histoires Grésillantes”

Powerful but full of emotion, Le Perche Oreille creates here a musical world for a dark fairytale. A Perfect mix between sweet melodies & complex beats …/…
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Dj Seiss – Weird Science EP

[NYB/EXT 001]

Dj Seiss

“Weird Science EP”

New release Dj Seiss – Weird Science EP
NYB/EXT 001Tracklist:
1. Weird Science (Original Mix) 04:00
2. Il Malocchio (Original Mix) 03:24
3. Mandark’s Laboratory (Original Mix) 04:39


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Batard Tronique – Gangsta Paradise


Batard Tronique

“Gangsta Paradise”

breakbeat / dubstep / mashup
ogg 350 zip or mp3 320 zip
NKS International Muzakillabel
01. let us making a bloody drive by feat. korpse
02. mustache golden chain
03. dirty south béguine
04. like an old gangsta tune
05. booty shake
06. disko disko mustafa
07. sounds
08. you sniffing all my sounds
09. I was a teenage pimp
10. ukranian mob anthem
11. total fécal

“El magnifico bastardo muy prolifico est de retour pour un 6ème album NKS.
Pas de doute, on reconnaît bien le bougre, et en même temps sa musique est plus posée, plus propre et maîtrisée.
Deux pistes dubstep du plus bel effet ouvrent le bal, suivies d’un mashup kitch sur les bords qui groove le sud crasseux. On enchaîne sur une complainte de black mafioso pré-retraité qui fait la nique aux jeunes fougueux prêts à breveter le fil à couper le beurre. Suit “Booty shake”, ou l’art et la manière de tirer un coup en solo, un rateau dans le cul, idéal pour amateurs de va-et-vient et autres aller-retours. La piste 6 part en vrille, ah quand même ! A conseiller aux amateurs de danse hystérique, vodka klezmer, bollywood Mittal ou Claude Françaoui peu importe. 4 pistes plus tard, le dancefloor est chaud bouillant, et les danseurs complètement survoltés. La tektonik est has been mes amis, je vous le dis, définitivement.
“total fécal” achève ce “Paradis du gangster”, la seule vraie faute de goût. Ouh p’tain cette mélodie, elle déchire plus qu’un bon Merzbow… Enfin “tout est relatif” dirait le vieil Albert. En bref, l’album de la maturité.
Le nouveau David Gateau se nomme Batard Tronique, et tu pourras pas dire qu’on t’a pas prévenu.”
Otto Psy [NKS International]
check older releases by Batard Tronique here : http://nksinternational.free.fr/batardtroniqueonNKS.html

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Various Artists – 6 Creuze


Various Artists

“6 Creuze”

a ruzzi compilation
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Delaykliniken – My Story



“My Story”

Get prepared for playful feelings and fine man vocal in the airy heart performed by interesting Swedih project. Let´s start the winter time with our release „My story“. But you don´t need your winter clothes, because Delayliniken together with the great remixes by Balkansky, Nev.Era, Foolk & Kallin embody the sunshine now.
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David Eats Rusty Nails – Even Odd

GLITCHSTEPPA – Herbal Riddims For After Midnight



“Herbal Riddims For After Midnight”

OGG 350kb / MP3 320kb

GlitchSteppa is a 4 hands project by Broken Toy and Ras Nando from Toulouse/ France. Far from being a newcomer, Broken Toy took part in the birth of breakcore in our pink city 8-10 years ago. He was in the Martel en tête team alongside GVK, Nevroz or Fuel In Sekt to name a few. Most of them went north but BT followed his activities in Toulouse on Radio FMR & in clubs as a dj. He played live in different places like Toulouse, Bruxelles, Vienna or New-York and made albums or eps on Sociopath Recordings and his own structure : Subeclectic Records. Ras Nando is a percussionist and electrodub producer.
Both guys like dubstep but are not soldiers or fashionistas. They mixed their forces to create a pure electroblend from roots to break glitch, influenced by Lee Scratch Perry & The Bug, Autechre & Ultraviolence.
Futuristic dub original.”
Otto Psy [NKS International]

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Marino69 – High Vibrations (Original Mix)

Ein Hit wie ein warmer Sommerregen! Whooooo! Dank Marino69 aus der Slowakei und melodica-netlabel.com!



Möbius – Per Aspera Ad Astra



“Per Aspera Ad Astra”

Per Aspera Ad Astra (in English : Through Hardships To The Stars) is the third album of Moebius containing 10 tracks, produced between 2011 and 2012. Ranges from deep basses with sluggish beats and dreamy melodies to hard basses with breakbeats and filtered leads, all seasoned with a distinct pinch of dub elements.
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compilation – Nu Sounds from Poland



“Nu Sounds from Poland”

Compilation with modern independent Polish music, tracks vary from modern electronic of Eufoteoria, Stendek or Ebola Ape thru postpunk of the brainhole and Dirty Bitch, rooted in Polish jazz and hiphop HALF OF A dB, reggae/dub of Sedativa to Władysław Komendarek with modern interpretation of Fryderyk Chopin`s music.

Subterrestrial – Nitelite/Big Girls



“Nitelite/Big Girls”

New digital single from Subterrestrial featuring two grimey bass tunes in an 8-bit/chiptune style. Part of Subterrestrial’s special 8-bit themed month.
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The Crossfaders – Fooly Cooly


The Crossfaders

“Fooly Cooly”

Shake your ass to the beat of the Crossfaders’ electro sabers, funky groove and dubstep sounds!
And in addition to the 3 original tracks there are also as many remixes by Sebastian Love, NiHiL and Arcade Discoforgia…
Freshness has never been so cool!
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Mayhem Perception – Out Of Da Brain


Mayhem Perception

“Out Of Da Brain”

1. Our Tribe Of Insomniacs (6:02)
2. Soleil D’Hiver (5:25)
3. One Shot Délivrance (5:11)
4. Additional Particle (6:43)

Nearly one year without release published on Pavillon 36. But we’re not dead! To re-start our collection, we bring to you the first EP of Mayhem Perception (aka Syndrôm & Bouwakanja). An experimental electronic manifest with no genre restriction, only feelings matter! We hope you’ll like it & don’t forget to share it: it’s free! :)

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