Wilhelm Matthies & Stefan Schmidt – maqtred


Wilhelm Matthies & Stefan Schmidt


New release on Plus Timbre
Sound explorations by Wilhelm Matthies and Stefan Schmidt
with the title “maqtred”
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ono – forKD




■ EPV_175

EPV_174 ”Three Works by Koen Daigaku” re:interpretation & remix

basic track by Koen Daigaku [ from EPV_174 ”Three Works ” ]

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Wings of an Angel – Don’t Trust The Sun

[Self Release ]

Wings of an Angel

“Don’t Trust The Sun”

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Bainmass – Love Tribute ep



“Love Tribute ep”

Bainmass è un creatore di beat, un demiurgo che forgia nuovi ritmi da strutture esistenti, le modella e gli da nuova vita.Bainmass è il ritmo sottopelle, è un battito di ciglia che si fonde con il volo di un gabbiano e diventa un beat prima di toccare terra.

Bainmass è uno che ci crede ancora, che porta avanti l’idea di beat, cercando come un surfista l’onda perfetta. Membro del collettivo Ventidita http://ventidita.podomatic.com/ ci fa l’onore di uscire con In Your Ears, per un’altra puntata dei suoi incredibili beats.

Lo potete trovare al Circolo L’Alieno dove ci sono belle situazioni, con l’instancabile Roberta. Ci fossero più Bainmass il mondo sarebbe un posto migliore.

Lasciamo la parola alla signora musica.

Bainmass it’s a beat creator, a demiurge that forges new rhythms from existing structures, it shapes and gives them a new life. Bainmass it’s the beat under the skin, it’s a blink of an eye that merges with a fly of a seagulls and becomes a beat before it touches down.

Bainmass it’s a believer in the idea of the beat, searching like a surfer for the perfect wave. Member of the collective Ventidita http://ventidita.podomatic.com/ gives us the honour to release with In Your Ears, for another title of his incedible beats.

You can find him at the Circolo L’Alieno in Genoa where there are good situations, with the tireless Roberta. If there were more people like Bainmass the world would be a better place.

Leave the word to lady music.

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VV.AA. – Concurso de Composición Gustavo Becerra 2012-2013



“Concurso de Composición Gustavo Becerra 2012-2013″

“For reasons difficult explain and of a very distinct nature, the release of this musical collection has recently become possible to complete. We ask forgiveness from the authors, but we believe that, as in many other fields, it is better late than never, especially in this case in which works remained suspended in time, awaited by restless ears and speakers disposed to sound them.

We feel proud of the labor of diffusion and stimulus to create this competition had in its brief existence. We believe that the maestro Gustavo Becerra Schmidt will continue to inspire us and that in the future others will take his example and propel it towards other/new generations. For Pueblo Nuevo making this album available for your ears is an important part of its function and legacy. Now without further delay: enjoy the sound and the freedom of creation!”

Mika Martini
Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel Director
Santiago, Chile, april 2015

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matteo gomez – named after patricia


matteo gomez

“named after patricia”

italy’s matteo gomez returns again with his fifth release on unfoundsound entitled named after patricia. you get a groovy array of stripped-down synthy techno, deep dub techno and heady ambient. play it out. play it in. play it up. play it sideways.
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The Original Beekeepers – How The River Runs Dry


The Original Beekeepers

“How The River Runs Dry”

Linear Obsessional presents the new album from English underground pop mainstays The Original Beekeepers, who have been releasing low-level works of sardonic pop genius for the best part of 30 years.

“How The River Runs Dry” is a collection of interconnected songs that piece together a story set in British suburbia. Featuring dryly humorous lyrics and the kind of intricate arrangements (including a brass section and guest vocalists) for which the band has become known, this album, several years in the making, has been described by the band as “probably our best / most consistent work since 2002″.

The Original Beekeepers are Linear Obsessional’s resident pop group, and this album, running from the exquisite pop of “Cats On Window Sills” to the Sun Ra skank of “Breaking Down” demands your attention.

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MEMORYGLU – 1% Museum



“1% Museum”

Plunderphonic zone-out psychedelia.
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Emerald Park – Go!Go!Go!


Emerald Park


23 Seconds Netlabel proudly presents our sixth release by the Malmö indie pop group, Emerald Park.

In 2015, Emerald Park have taken on a somewhat more divergent musical persona. With much experimentation, their sound has grown beautifully, travelling from acoustic and ukelele-driven tunes to more indie pop and electronic atmospheres, the band having shifted towards the use of electric guitars, Moogs and various synths. The Swedish outfit find strength and resource in this continuous progress, making the new 7-track album “Go!Go!Go!” a very compelling record and listening experience.
Enjoy the music www.23seconds.org

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North Hive – Gaia


North Hive


Ambient album by North Hive, mixing drone sounds and field recordings in their characteristic laidback style. Co-released with GV sound, with a couple bonus tracks for the Enough Records release.
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