An electronic interpretation of Goethe’s “King of Thule” travels around the world, to be remixed in nine countries on four continents. Producers from the Czech Republic, Russia, Brazil, Greece, Australia, Hungary, Canada, Poland and Belgium create nine versions of this iconic German piece, providing nine remixes of Goethe.rmx:

German/Russian: http://www.goethe.de/russland/GoetheRmx
English/German: http://www.goethe.de/australien/GoetheRmx
All remixes are under Creative Commons License

Do you like Emil Kloztsch’s original interpretation of Goethe’s “King of Thule”? Or do you prefer the remix from Moscow, or rather the one from Canada? And what if your favourite style of music is not represented? What if you can do better?

Well… get involved! Make your own Goethe.rmx! Get the separate tracks and full information about the remix here:

Goethe.Rmx description file:

Notes from Emil Kloztsch:

Original song:

Separate tracks:

About the author:

Wello Horld! I like music and run this website. http://konrad-behr.de

3 comments on “Goethe.Rmx
  1. klangboot says:

    Hey, there! If you make remixes, I’ll play the ambinet ones in my klangboot radio show! ;) ready @klangboot

    Thanks again!

  2. ko says:

    Talking english at my own website … sounds funny :)
    Is ne Frage der Zeit und des Rückens :)
    Ma guckn ….

  3. trans alp says:

    those separate tracks are quite big… think i’ll give it a try. did you also make a remix?

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