– Werk Op. 31

– Werk Op. 31


“Werk Op. 31”

This is the second release by :. X . M . M .: on Nostress Netlabel. The album is a one-piece composition. This time :. Mehtalahz .: takes you through a journey of acoustic and noisy, drone landscapes. Longlasting, and melodies on the edge, makes this as much a hypnotic album as it is beautified with strange melodies from other planes. The “deepsounding” trademark by :. X . M . M .: is notably recognized. With the noisy background pounding with feel of industry and darkness, it gives us a landscape of futuristic doom, saved by the acoustic side of :. Mehtalahz .: Still, the deepsounding rhythms is hectic, but effective and gives us a ecstatic feeling of everlasting ceremony dances. Lay back, close your eyes, yet another time for the journey through “Werk Op. 31” by :. X . M . M .: Nostress, only love for sounds, klang and sabda.
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