cooked audio – U2

cooked audio – U2

cooked audio


Bass in the face. We interviewed the expert tenor Lousiano Paverotti about the new brand new record by Cooked Audio released by the indie net-label Sostanze Records.
D – “Sir, what do you think about this dude who seems to come from the Berliner eletronic music scene?”
A – “Well, let’s say that we can surely recognize a deep attitude in his style towards the Berliner approach. In the track U2 there’s a path which mixes bass and synth lines whose tunes start from the 90’s and reaches the current times”.
D – “So, can we say that the boy is ready for the best clubs in Europe?”
A – “Indeed! For the production of “Bass in the face” there’s a lot of his bitter style, typical of whom is not risk adverse”.
D – “And what about the choice to give his music as a gift in free download to listeners, in contrast to your traditional way of selling music?”
A – “We’re talkin’ about the future. People selling music belong to the past. Sostanze Records, as well as other net-labels that make this kind of gifts, aims to a cultural and social concept of consumption of art which everyone should follow nowadays”.
D – “Maestro, thank you very much indeed!”
A – “O’sole nostro sta n’fronte a voi”.
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