Marco Manzella e Antonella Scalia – Oltre…


Marco Manzella e Antonella Scalia


Marco Manzella (electric guitar, born in Palermo) and Antonella Scalia (classical violin, born in Valderice) are a electric and classical musical duo formed in January 2012. After several live performances around Palermo they decided to record an EP with 7 tracks in October 2012, recorded and mixed by Simone Alvich, in their study-test room located in Palermo. Most of the harmonic and melodic structure of their compositions is designed and composed by Marco and after Antonella enhances the music with new melodic solution just to create an emotional and sublime atmosphere. Marco and Antonella are two artists with different experiences and musical genres but they are able to create solutions just to be in a homogeneous universe. The new EP “Oltre…” is a work of electroacoustic avanguard with folk shades which contains a nice post-rock/ambient atmosphere and it’s also has a strong influence of the contemporary-classical genre…and the word of music for cinema’s soundtracks!! Alternating heavenly and ethereal melodies and dark and tormented sonatas, the duo find a precise dimension distinguishing itself and earning the appreciation of the audience and professionists. Sounds of profound intimacy where it’s so easy to feel their instinct of talking, by notes, about themselves, what they see, what they think.
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