Various Artists – NOSTRESS NETLABEL VOLUME 2 “The Astounding Fair”


Various Artists

“NOSTRESS NETLABEL VOLUME 2 “The Astounding Fair””

For a second time Nostress Netlabel celebrates the anniversary with a compilation of previous unreleased tracks by artists from the netlabel and not only. There is not much to say except that we are really proud for the success. 2012 is been an extremely hard year for Nostress always busy with partnerships and collaborations in many musical and cultural events. We feel still lucky to promote talented artists and we are very pleased to help some artist still under development but deserved to realease on Nostress. This netlabel has new projects to promote and increase the promotion for artists. The first step is the organization of mega-events with more bands and artists to play in special performances editions simply and conceited :-) called “NN Live 00 …”. ideal opportunity in which the netlabel presents a special vinlyls or CDs new releases and not only. This new 2013 is an important year because it was born a new interesting activity, a Nostress branch small netlabel called batenim netlabel with an accurate catalog devoted to projects of ambient music without a precise schedule periodic publications. Projects of experimental ambient for musicians / non-musicians and estimators of generative music, random, algorithms, stochastic using most important programs in the network. batenim netlabel also prefers full sensory immersion music projects where the expressive power lies in the ability to create surreal atmospheres, dreamy and strong emotional implications, the rigorous and listening pleased that the result is a sort of separation of the mind from the body. Research and inspiration for the indefinite and infinite sound ‘extended and expanded’ lost in the vastness of the spaces to become intense and deep as soundscape or music is labeled as articulated by noise and environmental sounds (field recordings). The artists involved in their own way, must be capable of this.
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