Data Rebel – Illusions of Reality


Data Rebel

“Illusions of Reality”

If you’re familiar with Kahvi artists over the years, you’ll remember Planet Boelex, and also know that Data Rebel is top of the Planet Boelex fan club!

Heavily inspired by his hero, Data Rebel returns to Kahvi with a six track ep using key elements that Boelex himself would use – heavy and deep basses, ambient leads and pads and the always addictive melodies.

This epic EP includes such great works as Electrolized, Rhodes end, and my favourite ‘Statiq’ with its bass bin trembling bass (make sure you use decent headphones or speakers to get the full effect).

Topping off this great release is his remix of Boelex and Mosaiks ‘Nanomies’. And this release takes us nicely towards the key date in many Kahvi fans, and thus Boards of Canada fans calendars – their new album ‘Tommorrows harvest’ coming next month on Warp! Enjoy!

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