Wirewound vs. Datacrashrobot – Xylogic Splitter


Wirewound vs. Datacrashrobot

“Xylogic Splitter”

Machines Collide
Coming from the recesses of an obscure computerized coding mechanism, the impossible has happened!
Forget about Cyberdyne Systems taking over the world, the machine onslaught is happening now, in the shape of proto beats emanating from Bucharest’s own Sorin Paun.
Yeah, you guessed it: the electro bursts of Datacrashrobot have probed the aggressive electronica of Wirewound, merging amorphous glitched up machines and obscure textures, struggling against some of the heaviest beat work he’s produced. It’s an always intense, gripping experience through the realms of abstract and thought-provoking electronic music, the binary codes have taken over and all we can do is to allow these electro shocks to please our ears and mind as they see fit.
Prepare not to feel human for a while. Get ready to experience the cyborg transition through the simple click of download. (F.G.)