Alejandro Remeseiro – Storm


Alejandro Remeseiro


Alejandro Remeseiro is a musician and sound artist born in Spain in 1980. Since the year 2003 he has released 30 albums under different names, such as Elias Falken, Thanatorium, Eemian, Prowano Prosper, and The Advanced Antennas. But he his best known in the world of net-labels because of “Konsumprodukt”, a music project which he has released 12 albums. Alejandro has a degree in History and from 5 years ago is investigating the historical aspects of propaganda and sound, the human relations related to conflicts, as well as issues concerning the electroacoustic composition, and boundaries between the listener and the listened work. The aim of his audio works is to create a feeling, a sensation, something that moves and is thought-provoking in the people who listen. His latest sound work, “Storm” is an experimental narrative about the fear of loss, the idea of danger, and control messages. This work is an electroacoustic music project about the Tropical Storm called “Sandy”, which hit the east coast of the United States in October 2012. It is a metaphor about the fear of losing everything that people have, about the fear of death, control messages and disaster prevention. I used the audio of “Civil Defense Alert System” of the United States that could be hearded live during the days that the storm Sandy affected the area of the U.S. East Coast, to build electroacoustic “images” that drives the listener to the sensation of people had during the days of the storm, with the aim of transporting them to situations that not many people faced in their lives.