THE SCHIZOID – Displaced And Altered

THE SCHIZOID – Displaced And Altered


“Displaced And Altered”

In 2019, Canadian digital hardcore musician SCHIZOID celebrated 20 years of extreme musick with the release of new project THE SCHIZOID “Pariah”, an all-black metal solo release. Those 7 songs took on themes of elemental destruction and dark psychology, inspired by CREBAIN, LEVIATHAN, XASTHUR, BLUT AUS NORD.

Now, “Displaced And Altered” presents the PARIAH album’s black metal furies filtered through an industrial/electro lens, rendering electroshock treatments of the tracks by the underground’s current finest, including SADISTICIAN, LAF-O, OXYGENFAD, HIMIKO, RIOT VIRUS, NOT HALF, HYPERDRIVER & more!
released May 1, 2019

All songs originally appear on “Pariah” by THE SCHIZOID in 2019. Remixed by the underground in 2018. Art: SCHIZOID.

Thank you to all the remixers as always, as well as Marty FAMINE, ABHORRENT/ACID ENEMA, and @kim_crawley.

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