F600 – El Color que cayó del Cielo

F600 – El Color que cayó del Cielo


“El Color que cayó del Cielo”

[pn151] 03.04.2020 “El Color que cayó del Cielo” by F600 feat. Mauricio Garrido [Chile]

REVIEW By Vicente Ruiz.

Collaborating is a contemporary exercise. Authorship in art through a common creation outcome dissolves the limits and merges personalities. “The Colour out of Space” has H.P. Lovecraft as the first collaboratorby creating the literary work in 1927. A story that describes the fall of a giant energy like a meteorite from outer space to planet Earth; the energy stains the place where it has fallen with a colour that is just the opposite, in fact it is the absence of colour and which is non-existence itself, capable of corroding the living forms of a palpable reality, although the confirmation of the birth of a proper field of subjectivity as well. Mauricio Garrido interprets the text and transfer it to collage (122 x 69 cm. Expo LEER 2018) where is possible to see a column of colour vibrations that upon reaching the earth enters nothing less than to the heart of the Pantheon building, iconic place precisely for its opening in the dome – The eye of God?- sweeping with a force of abduction simultaneous to the one that invades, so everything he finds begins to rise to infinity, bringing at the same time materials from space to establish them as a conjunction of materials and souls.

From the original text and the collage, Miguel Conejeros creates a musical composition that reflects the journey of a monstrous force that is falling from the sky in a sharply way. A voice recounts the events of the impact that is gradually transforming the landscape, giving birth to a gray wasteland which expands precisely in the space and life of the protagonists. This is described through Garrido’s voice, who is a central character in the story acting as a bridge between literature, sound and the visual workthat he himself gave birth to, coming to occupy the place of a mediator who glimpses within creation the possibility of magic.

The musical work manages to fully capture the terror that Lovecraft has put in the literary work. The different moments are shot in a kind of futuristic fictionthat takes the classic aspects of an audio work and at the same time brings them together to make way for a creation that reaches the human, not only for its ability to generate realities, but also by proposing a sound certainty which multiplies in different but harmonic directions, where the intimate structures of music are moved in community with the lyrics and the plastic creation.

Contemporaneity is manifested in the artistic collaboration of these three creators: Lovecraft, Conejeros and Garrido. The mysteries described through the audible are part of the world as is seen today: large devastated territories that move like a destructive plague where there is usually nothing or very little left to restart life or at least continue it. Spaces where the sinister rises with ominous aims. And the journey manifests as displacement of forms and senses.

However, pleasure prevails, one that arises from within the sounds and their relationships. One that drags Mauricio
Garrido’s visual work and passing through the sensitivity of Miguel Conejeros and gives way to an inevitable torrent of lights in the midst of shadows, the non-existent confirming the existent, what is destroyed as part of the shapeand emptiness as a symptom of the universe.

Vicente Ruiz
(Santiago, Chile. Abril / April 2020)
English version by Alejandro Albornoz

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