ESDLCP – Historial de Caidas

ESDLCP – Historial de Caidas


“Historial de Caidas”


“Could an electronic musician become a pop artist? ‘Historial de Caídas‘, ESDLCP official debut is a statement in that sense: album and composer prove a style naturally leaning towards in-vogue pop music, using collage to create songs filled with non-existing choruses.

Throughout ten tracks, ESDLCP grabs assorted electronic resources to set up and disjoint material. There’s room for programmming, sampling, jamming, and deconstructing here. Everything merges into popular-music-crossing soundscapes, taking listeners into a tour of varieties, styles, and realms: toying with calm moods in ‘Puertas Adentro’, glancing to our folk music in ‘Un paso al costado’, and even flirting with rock music in ‘Cortina de Humo’, ending up with a high quota of pop in ‘A la velocidad del amor’ and ‘Voluntad de oro’.

This diversity sets up an endearing mapping, a fragmented, nice whole, mixing in subtlety all-pervading electronica and organic fantasies. Measured-Pop doses, songs and schemes in harmony, electronic music communicating, trespassing. A healthy way for this José Manuel Cerda solo project, where transforming song as a standard into an in-flux art is taken to exhaustion.”

Felipe Mardones
(Santiago, Junio / June 2010)

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