Brainquake – Adrift

Brainquake – Adrift



Brainquake is Marc, originating from the mail-art/tape-art scene in the late eighties and composing and collecting sounds since then under this moniker and few others. Ranging from ambient, soundcollages to electro, dark wave, from noise to industrial or even poplike tunes embedded in electronics or, the way he himself labels his sounds on recent releases, “endzeit emotronica”, the music of Brainquake is allways lengthy, strong in build-up and quite often heavily emotional.

On “Adrift” we hear Brainquake as a deja vu from his first releases: an intro, an outro, dissonants blending into bleakness, waves of emotion rumbling. The feeling of being adrift in a world of depravity and desillusion. Brainquake’s music takes time, time to evolve and time to be taken in. It’s about chaos blending in structure and blending out again. There seems to be no place for optimism in here but, in the distance, or in the details, there allways is. These sounds and this overwhelming sadness you feel like bad chemical taste from within, are not to simply to be listened to but to be unavoidably felt. Patience and darkness are our friends.

Released July 3, 2020

All sounds collected and processed February-May 2020
Recorded during a live session on May 2 2020 at Hemel Centraal, Belgium.

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