G-cero – No Tienen Necesidad de Hacerlo

G-cero – No Tienen Necesidad de Hacerlo


“No Tienen Necesidad de Hacerlo”

Greyhead, a.k.a. “G-cero”, shares his new EP “No tienen necesidad de hacerlo” (No Need For It), originally premiered a few blocks from Plaza Dignidad(*) in October 2019, in the midst of Chilean upheaval, also offering help, support and relief to those in need.

Since 1973’s coup d’état, carried out by the US government in conjunction with Chilean Armed Forces against Presidente Allende’s Unidad Popular, there was no more freedom for people again: they set up a new Constitution, invented Pension Fund Managers and Private Health Funds, our jobs became precarious, imposing a neoliberal economic system that has privatized almost everything, in a state terrorism context, using torture, disappearance, and exile.

Since returning to this “compromised democracy” in 1990, franja del NO campaign promises of change became dust in the wind. As singer-songwriter Jorge González, quoted in one of the tracks of this record, said in 2011: “They have the law supporting them: the whole press, the media, the police, and the army, if everything else fails; and that last resource won’t ever fail». This was a self-fulfilled prophecy during Chile’s awakening on October 18. The government invoked anti terrorist law, the press blatantly lied in radio, TV, and newspapers; the police shot straight to the eyes of the protestors, the army went out to kill, just like President Sebastián Piñera proclaimed: “We’re at war”. Thus the Chilean ruling elite, headed by one of the 5 richest Chileans in the world, according to Forbes magazine, faced this upheaval. But this time they were not able to use their power single-handedly: the whole world was watching, via social networks and the millions of cameras every single person carries in their pockets, what was really happening in Chile – an impossible thing to do in the 80s. If the “aliens” and “the front line”, haven’t met every Friday at Plaza Dignidad and other key spots along the country, our politicians wouldn’t have ever thought about trading the coming elections for changing the Constitution for a new one, allowing us to live in a real democracy.

This record is an open mic sonic experiment, recorded at Plaza Dignidad during October demonstrations, later processed in an experimental EP, where G-cero mingles this whole revolt in refined waves, glitch sounds, envelopes, powerful bass drums, arpeggios, ambient hi-hats, assorted samples and noise loops. All of this following the rallies beat.

Felipe Baradit Stevenson
(Concón, Chile. Agosto / August 2020)
English version by Gerardo Figueroa.

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