Talons’ – Make America Again

Talons' – Make America Again


“Make America Again”

9 songs about politics, parenthood, the pandemic and facing yourself in middle age.

Recorded at home Jan-April 2020, on Birchmont, Chestnut, South Main, and Royal.

Keith Freund: Sidrax, Clarinets, Sax, Cello, Piano
John Kolodij: Guitar, Organ, Piano, Synths, Loops, Mandolin
Jacob Trombetta: Pedal Steel, Guitar, Mandolin, Wurlitzer
MT: Guitar, Casio, Wurlitzer, Bass, Synths, Blooper

Photos by Matthew Chasney

*I was going to make this a “free download”, but apparently that causes issues with people using the bandcamp app so I’ve changed it to “pay what you want” but I am really not looking to profit off of this recording or crisis.
released May 3, 2020

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