+Passover Symphony for the Degenerate Age

+Passover Symphony for the Degenerate Age


“Symphony for the Degenerate Age”

Track listing:
1. Billingate (4:45)
2. Relic of Backwards Time (3:40)
3. No Chance To Die Beautifully (2:50)
4. +Passover- Theme (3:04)

5. Zos Kia Rodeo (4:48)
6. Electric Elysium (2:38)
7. The Wendigo (3:10)
8. Cubist Arsenal (3:17)

Total Running Time: 28:15
+Passover- is James Champagne
All songs written, arranged, programmed and performed by +Passover-
Produced, engineered and mixed by James Champagne
Recorded and mixed at Mauve Zone Studios (2017-2020)
Art direction + design by James Champagne
+Passover- uses Trajan Pro font

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