Aysen – 3 estados

Aysen – 3 estados


“3 estados”

(3 estados, originally released in November 2010)

Solid, liquid, gas. Pablo Flores new step, now under the name of Aysén, forces the memory of those three components. “3 estados” is a creative model bedazzled with concrete, fugacious, unmeasurability fantasies. A system signed by these three ways, an album working in a conception of song format understood as a dislocated vehicle, creating, manipulating, capturing new frames in countless sound levels.

From the attractive pop starting in ‘Estancia revisitada’, to the unmeasured epic ‘XXX’, this firts Aysén‘s work twistes moods and poetic approaches. ‘Sandungueo’ and ‘Estremecido’ correspond to moments of melody and quietness; ‘Talento inocuo’ and ‘Cuesco’ deal with a continuous interspersing of samples and programmed rhythms. Here, sounds capturing and minimal backgrounds elaborate a lexicon allured by an electronica mask, but proposing infinite possibilities -via manipulation- of material traceable in commonplaces (voices, settings, objects, noises). ‘

“3 estados” proposes unsteadiness as a creative site: neither known path nor final picture here, the album opens itself in delta, receiving sounds moving forward, back, in zigzag, marching towards an infinite point. A twisting-line exercise, restated in labyrinth-like songs, beautifully crafted, displaying, in their hesitations, the subtle insolence of their maker.

Felipe Mardones
(Santiago, Noviembre / November 2010)

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