Mournful Skank – Amor Fati

Mournful Skank – Amor Fati

Mournful Skank

“Amor Fati”

Composed from September 2020 to May 2021, home-crafted in Jard-sur-Mer (H6 zoom, Acid pro).
released May 15, 2021

Classical guitar Cuenca, fretless micro-bass, voices, arrangements (sample work on synths, drums, brass, FX) – Kohree aka Mournful Skank
Thanks to Joseph Sardin for his free sounds and Erin O’Rourke for her reading of ‘A vampire’ of Luigi Capuana on ‘Fangs’.

To Lucie.
Higgledy-piggledy dedicated to : Djob’, Likma, Vinzou, Tat’, Bav’, Manoche, Brujita, Le Matt’, So, Le Sarg’, Bloody Hell, Ladj’, Pa & Ma, Philou, Le Baron, Christophe ‘Le doc’, Ze Struff family, Djé, Jij’, La Ratch’.

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May free culture live long !!

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