rADio eNd – Hum Antenna

rADio eNd – Hum Antenna

rADio eNd

“Hum Antenna”

The Necrophile Hummingbird Netlabel & HAMFUGGI Records & Camembert Electrique presents Hum Antenna by rADio eNd.

“Psychedelic Music for Industrial People”.

About the depths of this album :
Do you remember ?
The first time you took an unknown substance and you were awaiting the mindblowing effect. The slowburn unsetting of all your controls when it was growing inside finding it’s way to the core, till the epic psychedelic climax when it explodes all your landmarks.
Do you wanna take a timeless brainticket in your ears ?

If you are too much short in time to enjoy the full journey there is a shortcut here to go straight to the top

About the surface of the album :
At the beginning of rADio eNd we were blindfolded, now it’s the fourth release and perhaps it’s possible to guess the vision behind, on one side the non exclusive model as an experiment to mess up the unhuman system which enslave us mostly with the property blackmail. On the other side to get ride of any bonds to seek what kind of music can be release when the process of its birth is really free.
I think that digg the influences is as unrelevant that take care of this music being recognize for what it is. It’s up to everyone to make their own dream…
More important is that each of fourth members involve in brought their own univers, melt them to get this psychoactive cocktail.

Featuring :
Peter Hope & Studio 112 & Ed End on all tracks (except 4 for Peter Hope)
and Konejo on track 4 (Konejo built this track from sampling the improvised jam sessions, in the same spirit of improvisation)

Free Download in Wav & Flac of the instrumental improvisation demo tracks also here with an extra track.
This album is allready release in wav on Hamfuggi Records and will be on Camembert Electrique netlabel and on Wrong Revolution with also CDR physical edition

rADio eNd is a process more than a simple musical project…
More informations about rADio eNd on the official page

Special thanks to Luna Menta for the help on Gravity’s Rainbow.

Dedicated to all the psychedelic pioneers expanding as mind than music.
Thus it’s an old dream to be able to translate the psychedelic experience explosion into music if you feel it thru listening it would be such a joy.

Video Art Clip here
and here

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