RENEGADE ANDROID – Automation With Human Form



“Automation With Human Form”

“Automation With human Form” features the classic track from my 1999 self-titled release with remixes by Bloodclot, MTS Airmass, Sam Fauchon, sunnk, Synkretic and The Fellow Passenger.

All Cat Tracks and Zima Blue were created using a Polyend Tracker and are directly inspired by 90’s IDM style jungle music but with the same raw distorted break samples I used on my first D-Trash release from 1999.

This album is dedicated to my cat Baxter who passed this March, and to all the loved ones we lose along this journey.
released July 1, 2021

Bloodclot –
MTS Airmass –
Sam Fauchon –
sunnk –
Synkretic –
The Fellow Passenger –

Art by David Farris –

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