Musica Casual – Hegemonias

Musica Casual – Hegemonias

Musica Casual


“Hegemonías”, the most recent album by Santiago’s Rodrigo Mardones aka “Música Casual”, is an ode to abstraction revealed through 4 small suites that will feed the most unsatisfied needs of contemporary music lovers.

Starting from tools that are not necessarily the latest trend in fashion, Mardones manages to construct a meta-music that is desired by both collectors and addicts to the accumulation of gadgets with little or no talent for the inventiveness that we happily encounter here. The notion of less is more finds its newest exponent in “Música Casual”. It follows in a legacy of stars that have made of electronic music paradises of plenitude. You name them.

A poisonous industrial environment is what the ex-manager of the group “Sintra” delivers in “Hegemonías”, a record that affirms him as a reference point when talking about post-Chilean psychedelia.

Wilder Gonzales Agreda
(Lima, Perú. Agosto / August 2021)

“Hegemonías” (“Hegemony”) is a concept borrowed from the thinking of the Italian philosopher Antonio Gramshi/ we live in full pandemic hegemony/ the question was how do I continue to cross through it/ making music/ yes, with what I had at hand/ obsolete technologies/ a way of being in the world/ at the beginning was all noise/ step by step/ less is more/ while the more restrictions the more music is made.

Rodrigo Mardones
(Santiago, Chile. Agosto / August 2021)

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