Kai Nobuko – Ober Attached

Kai Nobuko – Ober Attached

Kai Nobuko

“Ober Attached”

Kai Nobuko is a Dutch musician and producer who has released countless albums (he has definitely lost count!) under his own name and as Toxic Chicken and Covolux.

Kai was recently reunited with his Oberheim OB•12 synthesiser, which he had lent to a friend and then sort of forgotten about. He quickly fell in love with this intrument again, and with this album he presents a sincere homage to the OB•12 in the shape of imagined fantasy “demo tunes”, which showcase what this sky-blue beauty can do. To add to the challenge, no sequencing software or hardware was used. What you hear was played live, in just a few layers of tracks.

Within this dreamy album you might be surprised by what the synth is capable off when treated with love and kindness, but it’s even more likely that you will simply zone out as you find yourself floating away into a cloudless sky, with the OB•12 as your magic carpet.

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