A Symbiotic Experience – Open Source

A Symbiotic Experience – Open Source

A Symbiotic Experience

“Open Source”

The Necrophile Hummingbird Netlabel & HAMFUGGI Records present Open Source by A Symbiotic Experience.
The first part of a trilogie with Oneiric Sound and Original Subversion.
“Free Music for Open People”.

About the depths of this album :
Do you remember ?
The first time you did a step outside the mainstream, the revelation when you discovered that without any wave your own breath propels you wherever you want it.
There are many kind of demonstrative musics, showing technical skills, epic apex, feelings tearing up you eyes, whatever…
Open Source music, a kind of Inconclusive music, open up space for differents forms of life.
Our music is for me a sincere example of what Hamfuggi Records curation made possible to come alive online to keep awake your ears.
Only essential music trying to do not stay stuck in any common paths, not even our own way. Not for seeking this for itself but by love of freedom.
It is the pathfinders harvest that we deliver.
Do you wanna keep your ears free from the strayjacket’s habits ?

About the surface of the album :
A Symbiotic Experience more than a concept is obviously an experience. I mean it’s no just a name, it’s how we really operate.
More than any sound brilliance, it is the mind singularity that should take you by the hand for this journey.
Perhaps our first albums were more dream projection or capture,
but the further we go the closer it seems to
merely be… the dream.

The fourth album is here Gesamtkunstwerk

The Third Near Death Experience is here

The second Rebirth is here archive.org/details/Rebirth_A_Symbiotic_Experience

The first Renaskigo is here hamfuggirecords.bandcamp.com/album/renaskigo

Also there is a prequel to A Symbiotic Experience : Dawn of the Damned.

A Symbiotic Experience is a project created for HAMFUGGI Records, but we really love Non Exclusive Concept so we chose to do a double release. More informations here hamfugi.wixsite.com/hamfuggirecords/a-symbiotic-experience

Recorded between Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Foucherans (France)
Dedicated to everyone who keep the fire of hope within and share it freely with the world

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