vvaa & ethernet orchestra – Oceans Reimagined

vvaa & ethernet orchestra – Oceans Reimagined

vvaa & ethernet orchestra

“Oceans Reimagined”

Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel is pleased to present “Oceans Reimagined”, a remix album of intercultural online jamming by Various Artists and the network music ensemble Ethernet Orchestra.

Oceans Reimagined is a tele-collaborative remix project that seeks to further open the borders of telematic music making to encompass asynchronous telematic post-production. Selected artists were invited to reimagine one or more recordings, from Ethernet Orchestra’s 2020 album, Oceans between Sound (pn150). The aim was to extend the concept of the oceans and waterways separating geographically displaced performers, as a metaphor for the ebb and flow of networked data that traversed the Internet in the making of the work. Each track on this album is a digital reconfiguration of distributed audio streams captured as data pinging around the network.

Oceans Reimagined illustrates the creativity that can be shared and re-imagined through geographically dispersed collaboration between artists of different cultures.

For further information about the artists, their approaches and processes in reimaging the works, visit: oceansbetweensound.wordpress.com/oceans-reimagined

To stream or download source material from Oceans between Sound visit:

Roger Mills
(Sydney, Australia. January 2022)

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