0 Hz – Immersion Into Wallbient

0 Hz – Immersion Into Wallbient

0 Hz

“Immersion Into Wallbient”

How does nothing sound? Physics categorically states that sound does not exist outside the environment. Whereas common sense tells us that nothing in itself represents just nothing, does not include anything anywhere, contains nothing nowhere and sounds nohow. However, for the purposes of artistic depiction of emptiness as the absence of the usual content of the surrounding space it is necessary to give some character sound even to such an order of things. Or it may be more accurate to say the absence of any order of any things, that is, the perfect primordial chaos. At this stage, natural science says that in fact there is no absolute vacuum, but only some degree of rarefaction of the substance. Even in the absence of usual matter, space itself incessantly boils like soup, creating an incalculable number of virtual particles that immediately annihilate. In addition, in real space a variety of types of radiation await us: from destructive gamma rays to a permanent relic microwave background, not to mention gravitational waves, unknown dark matter and dark energy, as well as the expansion of the very fabric of space. Let’s imagine that our cozy typical panel apartment was thrown into intergalactic space. Like an ideal membrane it collects every vibration at the micro scale. And now it is flying somewhere, interacting with everything that we remembered and that we forgot. The door of the apartment opens, inviting the sound traveler into the walls of ambient…

1 • 09:00 • Entrance Wall
2 • 10:00 • Bright Hall Wall
3 • 12:05 • Living Room Wall
4 • 07:55 • Balcony Wall

Composition – 0 Hz
Keyboards, synthesizers, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, recording, mixing – Jónn Veggursson
Photography – Roland Pippes, Simon Steinberger, Pexels
Mastering, design, artwork – USC-Team

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