For Example John – Welcome to the Johnnverse

For Example John – Welcome to the Johnnverse

For Example John

“Welcome to the Johnnverse”

Slapstick, spectacle, riot, downhill, electro-bruzze, party, always firmly on. That’s how we imagine the Johnnyverse, to which For Example John invites us here. A classic second album, more of everything we love, one step further, everything a bit bigger and wilder, the next level. That’s the way we want it. All our expectations are satisfied. Hell Yeah.

And yet, and yet, and yet…

Every now and then, lines of lyrics stick in our ears for days. “Everything that bothers us now, has to be destroyed long ago”. Our speech, already for years, funny that still nothing has changed. It’s because of “the capital”, of course. And maybe also because of the “bread and games” for which we are always too happy to drive our dreams against the wall. Anyway. “Look at my super flat screen”. None of this bothers us, because we are, after all, the “generation with the retro shoes”. And we hope that this can help us further.” It’s all not so dramatic, we know where the ball is in our court. Even if we have long since lost the laughter of our childhood. And at some point, saving the world will somehow work out. Until then: Party on, party hard.

In this sense: Welcome to the Johnnyverse.

I love you.

But sometimes you stink.

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