Essentia Sound & Ekodust – Atmospheric Rivers

Essentia Sound & Ekodust – Atmospheric Rivers

Essentia Sound & Ekodust

“Atmospheric Rivers”

Essentia Sound & Ekodust – Atmospheric Rivers (Insectorama136)

Atmospheric Rivers is based on a series of record breaking rainfalls that swept through British Columbia in the fall of 2021 washing away homes, bridges and highways, causing landslides and loss of human and animal life. The weather system identified as an atmospheric river is a large, narrow stream of water vapour that travels through the sky. Usually originating in tropical ocean regions near the equator, these rivers bring masses of warm air and water from the ocean to land, sometimes dumping a month’s worth of rain or snow in a matter of days.

1.Essentia Sound & Ekodust – River One
2.Ekodust – Gentle Dawn
3.Essentia Sound & Ekodust – River Two
4.Essentia Sound & Ekodust – River Three
5.Essentia Sound & Ekodust – River Four
6.Ekodust – Gentle Dawn (Essentia Sound mix)
7.Ekodust – Alive
8.Essentia Sound & Ekodust – Still Alive

all tracks by Essentia Sound & Ekodust (Brian Pasmore)
Mastering by Wayne @ Obsessed Audio

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