Charles Rice Goff III & Eric Matchett – All Taped Out

Charles Rice Goff III & Eric Matchett – All Taped Out

Charles Rice Goff III & Eric Matchett

“All Taped Out”

All Taped Out

by Charles Rice Goff III & Eric Matchett

1 Raspberry, Cherry, & Dairy
2 The Carrot Eyes Of Mister Salad
3 King Carlos Of Silverstone
4 Glimpses Of El Tigre
5 Photosynthetic Cornering
6 In The Wake Of The Pancake Breakfast

The Process :

1) On July 3 and 4, 2022, Goff and Matchett recorded about three hours of unrehearsed/improvised music at the Taped Rugs Studio in Kansas City, Kansas. The recent passing of their collaborator and fellow founder of Turkey Makes Me Sleepy, Michael Adams, provided the two artists with considerable inspiration during these sessions.

2) During the sessions, two sets of recordings were made. Digital stereo recordings were captured via a computer with Audacity software. Individual instruments were captured via a Tascam 424MKIII 4-Track cassette recorder (special thanks to Killr “Mark” Kaswan).

3) Throughout July, 2022, Goff edited and arranged the recorded materials to produce the compositions presented in this collection.

4) Goff came up with the song titles based on activities that surrounded the recording sessions of July 3 and July 4.

Instrumentation :

Goff : Korg R3 Vocoder/Synthesizer, Yamaha VSS-30 Sampler/Synthesizer, Aklot Electro-Acoustic Soprano Ukulele, Turkey Electronic Guitar, Boss RC 20X Loop Station Loop Duplicator, Vocals, Billiard Theremin, Diane The Mannequin Hand

Matchett : Takamine Jumbo Acoustic Guitar #EG523SC, Micromoog Analog Synthesizer,
Ibanez DM 1000 Digital Delay Effects Box

All Taped Out was inspired by and is dedicated to the memory of Michael Adams: audio and visual artist extraordinaire and co-founder of the recording and performing group, Turkey Makes Me Sleepy. The cover art for this collection showcases a small example of Michael’s talents as an illustrator.

copyright 2022 by Taped Rugs Productions

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