Various Artist – Read the Funky License #01

Various Artist – Read the Funky License #01

Various Artist

“Read the Funky License #01”

Und hier ist sie nun. Meine erste Sendung auf 674fm. Ab nun dann jeden 4. Mittwoch von 17 – 18 Uhr. Ich habe mal mit ein paar meiner All-Time-Favourites begonnen, einmal quer durch den Creative Commons Garten.

Music from the garden of the commons, freshly picked and well hung – across all style boundaries. FC Stoffel plays a handpicked selection of songs and tracks from the net, released under Creative Commons license. Mostly brand new, but every now and then a few classics. In addition, there are interviews with bands or label owners and last but not least news about Creative Commons and the music allmende.

Every 4th Wednesday from 17 – 18 o’clock on
or afterwards as podcast here.

The show will be mainly in German. So I will not bother to translate the shownotes here. Hope you don’t mind.

Viele Spaß,
FC Stoffel


Abya Yala – Cambia
The Impossebulls – 5 x 5
Monk Turner – It’s a Wicked Life (Hades‘ Song)
Carb On Carb – Smash
Professor Kliq – Plastic and Flashing Lights
Spiedkiks – A Man Is Just A Man
Louis Lingg and the Bombs – Freaky Deaky
Swearin‘ – Kenosha
Iron Kobra – Kerker und Drachen
KAROSHi – Stuntpolizei
elektroapparat – Where are you going
Ant The Symbol – Libby Hill
Maya Solovey – A Vida
Cistem Failure – The Hunt
For Example John – You never told me that i’m ugly too
Die Leere im Kern deiner Hoffnung – 2020 (Langweilig)